Omniplex Sligo in Sligo

Establishment, home goods store, electronics store and movie theater at Wine St, Sligo, County Sligo, Ireland. Here you will find detailed information about Omniplex Sligo: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.


Establishment   Home goods store   Electronics store   Movie theater  

Wine St
County Sligo
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Phone number:
+353 71 916 2651



3 /5

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Customer reviews about Omniplex Sligo

    kieran Kenneally Added 06/11/2018
    Not a good experience. Main lights in Cinema were left on not only for Trailers of upcoming movies but also after the show started. Myself and one other patron went out to ask for the main lights to be turned off but even after that it still took until about nearly ten minutes in before this happened.
    While the lights were on the shine made the movie unwatchable.
    After the movie my son wouldn't use the toilet as he said it was disgusting and there was no seat on the toilet!
    He refused to use it even though he needed to go!
    Won't be going back here.
    Ethel Esteves Added 22/10/2018
    Where do I start with this amazing cinema..
    Good vibes right when you enter, awesome design and reasonable price. Mirror wall when you enter, because we all like to know we look great when entering and when leaving too.
    Now you know where to go for your next movie.
    Erika Probst Added 27/09/2018
    Every time I go to the cinema I find it quite cold espically in Maxx...I thought this was just me however a few people have mentioned same to me. Went again the other night and it wasn't too bad...went to see mission impossible however it was awful as a guy arrived in with 2 kids aprox 6/7 years old half way through movie he decided to fall asleep and snores on the top of his lungs for rest of movie and then the kids got restless are were banging on seats and up and down constantly....not a staff member in site coming in to check things..i didn't turn and give out as I did not want to scare kids as I said they were very young.. awful experience...i really not sure about going back which is disappointing as I seen a few movies when I was in there that I would love to see...
    Abi Wilson Added 07/09/2018
    I will not be going here again!!!
    My partner and I went to watchThe First Purge on Saturday night if had know how rude the staff are we wouldn't have bothered with it at all. There was about 3 or 4 women behind the counter, 2 of them standing there and the other two were sitting in the side roaring and shouting about plans to go out that night and just being rude in general. The girl that served us did not say please or thank you just took our money and left our receipts for the movie on the counter closer to herself than to us, she poured my partners drink and just slammed it on the counter and started talking to another staff member behind the till directly across from us I sarcastly said "thanks very much" which she didn't even agknowledge because she was too ingrosed in her own chit chat. The ginger haired girl was the loudest and so rude. Why hire staff like this? Why let staff like this run your buisness it's so ridiculous! Hire more professional people who know how to treat and approach customers!
    Lisa Marie Added 17/08/2018
    The Sligo Omniplex has some nice staff at the scanning machine. But the girls behind the counter are very rude one in particular the red hair chubby girl! She was very rude demanding customers to go away from the counter and would not serve them. She was arguing with them and would not let them speak to the boss telling them that he was not there. Omniplex are usually good with there customers but expect the one girl. I hope they change there way or I’m afraid i wont be going there again. It be a shame as it is a lovely cinema but very rude counter staff. The toilets are usually not clean and the lady’s loo are usually blocked and not a nice smell. The food and popcorn and drinks are expensive. But above all I feel like they need a word with there staff mostly that one girl.
    Lucy and Olivia show Added 01/10/2017
    Friendly staff... very comfy but the cinema could do with a good clean and was very cold

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